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Top 300

It's pretty top heavy with hitters right now. I need to find a little better way to correlate the 2 but it's not too bad considering I used nothing but basic stats I manipulated.
I think I can tweak it a little more to make it better. I'd love to input draft status/signing bonus info but that would take a while. Maybe I will try it for the offseason rankings.

Well here is the top 300 in my new ranking system

Ranking system

My post earlier this year had my ranking of 2325 players. This took a lot of time using a variety of scouting reports, my old stat analysis formula and gut feeling. I am currently working on a system to rank ever minor leaguer. Right now, I'm using 2008 end of season stats and eliminating anyone less than 50 AB due to small sample size. Rookie ball players are not being quantified properly at all, but otherwise it is looking decent. There are some surprises to me, but that is what I'm looking for. I would like a way to integrate draft pick info, but I would have to manually enter that for each person and that would take a ridiculous amount of time. Maybe someday. I am going to continue to tweak this a little before I post the results, but it shouldn't be long before I post it.

Draft Day!

I am mad Dish Network doesn't have MLB network, but I listened to some of the draft on when I wasn't working on the new bathroom in the basement.
Sanchez at 4 was a bit of a surprise. I guess the Bucs are trying to make up for passing on a little known polished Catcher from a few years least they got a stud pitcher instead, oh wait.
Well, maybe this will make up for it as I do think Sanchez is underrated and has a chance to be a solid big league hitter.
Hobgood reminds me a bit of Tillman going to the O's. I would have thought he might have made it to them in round 2, but he probably would have went in the early 20's and maybe the O's didn't want to take the chance, but I see it as an overdraft.
Mike Minor breaks from the Bravos mold a little but I see him as a solid big league pitcher, as good as a #2 potentially.
Drew Storen was a solid #10 pick to compliment the obvious Strasburg pick. He could end up closing for the Nats as soon as next year som…

Open spots in Fantasy Dynasty League

It is a head to head league with a unique 5x5 scoring and has a 35 round amateur draft begining 7/25/09. It has contracts, a 40 man roster with a 25 man active roster. Free agency in the off season and much, much more.

We have a full minor league system, up to 250 players per franchise. We have 18 owners with 2 vacant teams. If you love the minors, you will love this league. If you are interested feel free to email me @ for more info, or just stop by the board and take a look: