Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am diving head first into draft prep

I will be posting my top 100 sometime in the next two weeks. Still busy on the house, so I can't pin down a date.

I see Brett Wallace just got called up to AAA. He's not far from being the 3B for STL.

Lars Anderson hit 2 HR's off New Britain. I think that the Red Sox need to call him up after the All-star break. They need to get ready to cut ties with Big Papi, as sad as that is for Sox fans and sign Bay to an extension. Lars is struggling a little in Portland, but I think he will be fine. His BABIP is lower than it has been in the past and his GB% is up but I think this is due to small sample size. His BB rate is low also, clear signs he needs to relax and tonight might be a break from this.

One of my personal favorites, Cedric Hunter, OF, SD, seems to be heating up hitting .317 this month after hitting .195 in April. I'm glad to see him getting straightened out in AA and I hope he starts to get noticed by the big name prospect raters.

Tony Delmonico, a 2008 draft pick of the Dodgers, is hitting .320 and catching for the great lakes loons after being drafted as a SS. He has walked 22 times in 122 AB and struck out a crazy 34 times. I'm not confident that he can continue hitting at this clip with that K rate, but if he cuts back on the K's, watch out. He could be a sleeper.

Watch Josh Satin, 2B, NYM. He's old for his league but he has a chance to be a good MLB player as a utility guy with a solid bat.

Justin Smoak will be on the Texas 25 man roster as early as July.

Jason Knapp, 5 IP, 9 K, 1 BB, 3 H.

Why is Mike Mccardell still in HiA?

Erik Cordier could move fast as it looks like this injury-prone Brave seem to be healthy after TJ surgery causing him to miss 2007 and part of 2008.

Jarrod Parker is really looking good in AA with 9 k's in 5 IP allowing 1 run in his start against Montgomery. I really like this guy and even with the all the pub on this guy, I think he's underrated.


  1. interesting list... very ambitious... thanks for your dedication.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I'm glad someone is checking in and looking at this:) I would also like to put some scouting reports in for some. We'll see how ambitious I get