Monday, March 16, 2009

Angel Villalona 2009 Stats

Here is my 2009 prediction for Angel Villalona in HiA as an 18 year old this season. His numbers would be better if he stayed in LoA. He will still be a top prospect, but it will continue to show he has a lot of work to do. I expect him to have 133 K's and 24 BB's.

I have decided to go a little deeper here on Villalona after some comments. Here are a few more stats.

His BABIP shows very little change from previous seasons. I think he will start to translate more of his raw power into real game power. His ISO jumps from .172 to .230 due to this. He still has major issues with his strike zone judgement and will be tested when he reaches AA.

He is in rare company as an 18 year old in Advanced A ball. This year, as far as I can tell, only Carlos Triunfel and Ruben Tejada spent the majority of the 2008 season there. Tejada is a potential 5 tool guy but he, like most Mets prospects, are pushed harder than he should be. He is a glove first kind of guy right now and hopefully the Mets will let him catch up for a year and leave him there next season. Triunfel held his own batting .287 with a .406 slugging. I suspect he will move on to AA this season and continue to put up similar numbers.

It is an aggressive challenge for Villalona, but there is talk of Dayan Viciedo starting for the White Sox at 3B and he is less than a year older than the Big V. AA is a more likely destination for Viciedo, but it is a comperable challenge. I look forward to seeing if Villalona lives up to my lofty expectations for 2009, although I have a less lofty expectation for his career.

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