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Out of the Park Baseball 19 - Review and Thoughts

Every year, Out of the Park Baseball does a phenomenal job standing in its own space, unequaled, as a simulation game. There are other baseball sims out there. There are other ways to play baseball games that are fun but each year, OOTP is the best at what it does.
Out of the Park Baseball 19 is no different. It continues to build on the already great game. This year, more emphasis has been put into 3D stadiums and models. They have done more to make it seem like you are watching the events unfold on the field. It has advanced leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, but you will not be getting the MLB the Show treatment. It adds to the game but you will never, in any way, confuse this with a real game like the Sony Interactive product.
I love baseball. I love video games. This is a great marriage of both. OOTP allows you to do some incredibly interesting simulations. You can create a team of Mike Trout’s and take on a Team of Bartolo Colon’s if you want. It’s a joy. It allows y…
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College baseball notes 2-18-18

Ole Miss Notes

Brady Feigl, RHP,
Big 6'4", 230 big bodied innings eater.
Fastball is 90-93. Mostly straight. Breaking ball is 11-5 break with decent spin but not a swing and miss pitch at higher levels. 81-84 MPH CH. Throws all 3 for strikes but command needs work.
Not a great athlete. Doesn't repeat mechanics well. I don't see more than a middle reliever ceiling or an org player.

Grae Kessinger, SS
Long, lean athlete. Decent swing. Not much power at the present. Good defensive actions. Solid prospect.

Nick Fortes, C/1B
Potential defensively as a catcher. Average arm. 1.9 pop on a high breaking ball to gun down runner. Good plate discipline. Square stance. Powers up on swing to get to gap power. May have 15 HR pop in him.
Is a decent pro prospect but will need time to develop. Backup catcher potential but bat may not play above A ball with muscle-up swing.

Thomas Dillard
Brick shithouse build. 6', 240. Can move down the line pretty well for his size 40 runner, 50 …

Comps are tough..

I posted the comment below on Minor League Ball while talking about Austin Beck and a Mike Trout comp given to him. Aaron Rowand was mentioned, as was Clint Frazier. Frazier is a good recency comp. Rowand is a solid ceiling comp, without being hyperbolic but comps are tough because people expect such an exact comp. Players are a mix of things and getting all these things to line up is difficult..
If you look at Rowand’s minor league stats, an average to plus contact, power and speed guy, but not elite the list is small. I looked at stats from 1990-2012. Players who made the majors, drafted guys, RH bat who play CF. 42 guys fit. If you stay don’t go cross racial, it’s 15 guys. That’s it.
Now, I used a fairly tight range, using only MiLB stats but that’s shows how hard it is to make a comp. You don’t want to comp him to Chad Hermansen, Steve Gibralter, Brent Clevlen or Joe Benson now do you.
Wil Myers, Aaron Rowand are the best of this group. Jake Marisnick is in it. That’s an interest…